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March is gone with the wind...

The March update is here! I know you have been at the edge of your seat – anticipating the drama that unfolded in the J household this month. LOL Not really, but it sounded dramatic, right?

Well, being that the month started on a Thursday – we were headed into Waxahachie to deliver Meals on Wheels, go to the library, and run some errands. We got some new clients on our route this month. Mr. and Mrs. O...sweet, sweet couple. Mr. O has Alzheimer's and sweet Mrs. O takes care of him. What precious people they are. We are enjoying getting to know them better. We stopped at Taco Bueno to grab some tacos for lunch that first we did our school work at Taco Bueno. Fun!

Red is doing spectacularly on his reading. (Even though he won't admit it). 

We officially began the “Texas” learning part of our Texas history. ;) Yeah!

We added in a picture of Texas as it is now. We also added in a picture of what Texas looked like before the Louisiana Purchase. 

Red is moving along in his explode the code 1.5 book. He tends to get frustrated easily with anything dealing with letters. So we have been v...e...r...y... slowly working through the ETC books to help him build his confidence. But I have noticed that even though he is doing spectacular – he still gets easily frustrated! I think it's his perfectionist side coming out...he likes things to be just so and if they aren't...oh out world! Sigh...just keep going....just keep going...just keep going... 

Bug has been working on multiplication...he's doing really well. I found some fun mazes for him to do – he loves mazes, so he thought that was neat!

The library had a contest during February – To celebrate Black History month, they did a web scavenger hunt. The kids had to find the answers to several questions about famous African Americans and events that happened throughout history. Bug decided he wanted to participate, so we logged onto a computer and set off doing some research. It was hard work let me tell you. But he stuck it out and got it done. I was so proud of him, just for sticking with it! So the next week when we got to the library and Ms. Connie told us that he had won that weeks prize. Oh my goodness – he was so excited! He got a $25 gift card to Target – woo-hoo! So of course he wanted to enter the last week as well, he didn't win again, but he got in some good research time! ;)   

Of course his money went towards some new Pokemon cards! LOL He spent forever picking out which pack he wanted. He had to compare how many cards were in each one...and whether or not he got a toy. It was brutal for me, but I was really proud of how picky and careful he was. He was very excited over his choice. He got a big 3D card, as well as several little cards and a little guy for his collection.

The GA bake sale went well this month...although it was FREEZING both weekends! Oh my! We began to think that there is some sort of trend that makes GA bake sale weekends cold. Although we decided that come August we would really enjoy that trend! LOL 

Apple Studel muffins – YUM! 
Banana Bread....ahhh! 
Check out the good finds that I picked up on the Wal-Mart clearance rack – bike tubes for $1 and Velcro picture hangers for $1 – what a deal or should I call it a steal!!! 
Homemade dog food – have you ever made it? Now I have to admit, it didn't smell all that great. But the dogs LoVeD it! I found the recipe on a site that I was looking at for dog treats. It's pretty easy, ground meat (I used turkey); mixed veggies, rice and a couple of spices. Easy peasy...put it all together and let it cook. The dogs thought they were in Heaven.
One of my precious GA's Mom made some spectacular lemon poppy seed cake pops for the bake sale. Oh my goodness, I really have to get the recipe from her because let me tell you these things are Heavenly! YUM-O! She was so sweet to bring an extra few for my family to enjoy – yummy! (And a lollipop for Red – she remembered he was allergic to milk.) 
Here's our bake sale table...lots of goodies to offer – WOO HOO!
Rotton Scamper scarfing up his yummys! 
Lady Bug was very excited about her new food! 
Sadie was jumping up and down as I tried to get it into her bowl! 

More school pics...

Red reading, reading, reading... 
Bug working on a story map...anything to get him to write, right? :) 
Bug has almost reached the 100 book mark on his “I can read 100 books” chart! 
Red working on his monthly “assessment”...notice the red hair – of course that is him! LOL

My GA girls worked on their “I serve the church” badges this month. One of our activities we did was to clean the chairs in the children's church area. Now that was fun. Water, paper towels and 30 little girls...oh my! LOL They had blast though and did a great job! 

About mid month the sun really started to shine and we just had to be out in it more and we took school to the trampoline some days. That's always fun...and bouncy! LOL 
Red working on a card for Memaw and Papa. Writing...writing...writing! 
After a while we actually had to grab the umbrellas because the sun was so bright! 
Bug working on multiplication towers under the “brella shade”. 
Check out my dog...we drew a dog during Draw Write was even more challenging (for this drawing challenged person) on a small white board. But I don't think it turned out too bad. We gave ours long ears like Sadie and Scamp! 
Red working on making three letter words and yep, you guessed it – writing them down!
Red working on making three letter words and yep, you guessed it – writing them down!
Oh my to get the Bug to keep his desk clean. I suppose he comes by it should see DH “box”. LOL 

Check out the new toy Mom and Dad got me for my birthday! Thank you Cousin Courtney!!! I haven't actually got this baby out just yet, but I am excited about checking into it! LOL I hear that these are so cool!  
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I saw a really cute idea using Lucky Charms on pinterest. (Where else, right? Haha!) 

For the Hubs!  I got DH and Pickle the bars because I thought they'd like these. I love the “cereal”sly....funny.
 I had seen this idea on the way down so I wasn't prepared days before hand....I actually had trouble finding those little cereal cups, well the lucky charms ones anyway. So I had to compromise with bags of lucky charms. The bars have milk in them, so that wouldn't work for Red.
We just happened to be at Uncle Pickle's that particular weekend, so he got a prize too. It was a good time to let him know how lucky he was to have me. LOL 
Can you see the rattler!  AUGH!  While down in the Hill Country, DH, the Bubbas and I went to check out a piece of property we saw...well let me just say we booked it to the car and crossed this one right off the list!  AUGH!  I almost stepped on this guy!  Gross, I hate snakes! 
This is the creek that runs at the back of our property. 4.5 inches of rain and the tank it comes from was flowwwwwing! 

 It was amazing to step out the back door and hear the rushing of course we had to check it out! 

 I HAVE BLUEBONNETS! Oh my goodness I am so excited! There were three....on the hill...oh I love bluebonnets! Every year that we've lived here I have planted seeds and/or transplanted bluebonnet plants into our yard. But this is the first year I've had several come up. I had two last year and DH ran over them with the mower...oh man was I hot over that one! This year I put a wall of sticks around my patch so it wouldn't get run over. I have 6 plants in all this year. I am so excited. I love bluebonnets. Someday I will have a yard of blue like Grannie used to...sigh.  
Seasons...we are coming to the end of the Abeka science curriculum that we are working on this year and we've reached “seasons”. So we've decided to make “seasonal trees” with various forms of medium.
Winter tree... 

That's Sadie under the tree there... 
Did you know that word problems cause melt downs? I didn't, but now I do, so I am more prepared as I whip out word problem cards to work on...augh! What a day this turned out to be...apparently having to think and do more than one step is just down right cruel. 

Remember Billy Bob Jim Bob James – well he came to school one day...(which I totally used as a “Do you want Billy Bob to see you acting like that? Tool!!!) 

We reached out 100th day of we read a book about the 100th day...we also counted beads by 10's to 100! 

I know this is really hard to see, but by the time I got outside with the long lens they were almost out of sight. We saw a flock of ducks or geese or something, I couldn't really tell flying over the house in a V shape. It was really cool. 

I am so excited about this new curriculum! I bought it from a friend and just in time too! We finished out Abeka science curriculum, so starting something new is perfect! I think this is going to be lots of fun!!! 
Stopped at a garage sale on the way home one day and picked up some great .50 deals! Woo-Hoo! 

DH found a new “cup” is very excited! Haha! 
Check out this super cool moth we found he spectacular or what? 
It's a Luna Moth.
What do you do when the lights go out? Play games with flashlights and roast marshmallows over candles! Woo-Hoo! Thank goodness it was nice and cool with the windows open! 

 Marshmallow roasting...
I started a phonics journal with Red for his Saxon Phonics's going really well...I am so proud of him. 
Here is a shot of his journal. He works on the left hand side with me...this is the part of the lesson where I “teach” the rules, he takes “notes”, we practice together, etc. Then on the left he works more...later on this will be more independent work, right now we do it together. It gives him the chance to work and look over at his “notes” if he needs too. I really like the set up. 

What do you do when your kids writing is pitiful?  

You make them write it again!


Here's Red's phonics lesson finished. 

I also made a math journal for Red (and Bug). I actually saw this idea on pinterest. A 4th grade teacher uses it in her classroom. It actually makes a lot of sense. She does the lesson with the kids on the left side and then they work independently on the right – so their notes are right in front of them. Which is pretty smart I think. She uses lots of mini-books, cut outs which they glue in, fold-a-bles and stuff like that as well. I plan to use this stuff as well. Red is working on the Saxon Math 1 right now, so this idea, I think, will work well for him.

Here is Bug's math journal...I am doing the same thing with together on the right; independent on the left. He just started the Saxon 5/4 curriculum so we are slowly moving into the work. I divided lesson one into three parts since it covers three concepts. 

Helping their Momma....sweet boys! 

Bug lost another tooth! 

The toothfairy was very nice! He brought Bug a new Pokemon set and even some Reese's Pieces for little brother...who is very upset that he hasn't lost a tooth yet. 

A note from the toothfairy...who we all know is The Rock, right? 

 Sweet Bug wanted to make Red feel better so he shared some Pokemon cards with him. Love that kid!
Bug did it...he read over 100 books! Yeah Bug – I love you babe! He's set a new goal to reach 1000 before summer's end! You go Bug!!!

More multiplication towers!

More three letter words!

What do you think of my bird?   

Here's the boys birds...they did really well I think!
I was out in the shed getting a few supplies and the hounds decided that it was their new house. We figured Scamp thinks he needs a big house 'cause he's a big dog! LOL  Can you see the glowing eyes?

He would go all the way back to the back and sleep. So the boys decided to play spies. Poor scamp – they would sneak in and scare him while he was sleeping. I told them they had to stop...the poor guy is already a little mental...we don't need to send him over the edge by sneaking up on him! ;)

Scamp says “I'm trying to sleep here!”
Sadie, the sentinel, rests at the front.

My GA group went up to NECO to work in the victory garden again. We were on high snake alert as Ms. Barbara had spotted a large snake just earlier that week...although she was assured it was “just a hay snake”....ummm....I'm not so convinced! LOL I was certainly checking my path before I stepped or stuck my hand somewhere!

The girls also painted bowling balls while we were there! Ms. Barbara had seen the idea on pinterest (love it!) - to paint old bowling balls with chalk board paint and put them in the garden. So the girls got to do the painting. They of course LoVeD that!

Our other job that day was to help clean in the office, food pantry and the thrift store. The girls were so excited to help. All the parents were like “I wish you were this excited to clean at home”. LOL It's always more fun to clean for others, right? LOL

The boys have their derby race coming up in April with their RA's group. They are so excited. Daddy helped them to sand, paint and decorate their racers. Red picked a “fireman” tribute theme for his car.

Bug picked a flag racer, but they had to repaint his truck so I don't have a pic of it on here yet.

Wrestlemania is coming up tomorrow...April we had to get some goodies ready! Frozen banana bites for Red....yum! 

The GA bake sale is April 1st too...oh my it's gonna be a busy day. Banana bread muffins...yummmy!
And another lost tooth...what a way to end the month...wonder what the tooth fairy will bring this time...

Well until next your babies! we-

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