Tuesday, April 03, 2012

February Catch-Up

End of February updates...a little late I suppose!  I found some more pics on the little camera when I was uploading.

One day the boys and I decided it would be fun to have "fort school".  LOL - they had a blast and surprisingly we got a lot done!  Perhaps we should school in forts more often!  

Red was working on addition - he's really grasped the concept.  We were using the unit blocks just so he could show me his thinking.  LOL  He likes to just "do it in his head".  
Bug was working on multiplication this day, so I had him showing his work using pictures. 

Here is another fun day of school!  It was so very nice that we decided to take it outside.   

 My GA girls made Thank You cards for the staff 
at church.  We were working on our "I serve my 
church" badge.  The girls chose someone at church 
to say Thank You.  I was pleasantly surprised 
to receive these sweet cards from my girls.  
At the end of Feb. Hubby and I went to Houston to work an event in conjunction with the Rodeo.  So the boys went to spend the night with Memaw and Papa.  On our way to Houston, Hubby and I stopped in at Wal-Mart ~ check out the really cool find we scored on the clearance shelf!  A WWE wrestling ring for $5!  Woo-Hoo!  The boys were so surprised and excited!

Memaw spent the weekend playing Monopoly.  LOL  Bless her heart ~ I think they ended up playing something like three games!  LOL 

Bug and Papa spent the weekend making "Nature's Salad"!  LOL  They did some weeding around the house and composted A LOT!  LOL  Bug was in Heaven! 
Here is their "Natures Salad" composting bin. 
Memaw and Papa have a keyhole garden this year.  Have you seen those?  I hadn't before theirs, but I have to tell you it's pretty cool.  There is a bin in the middle (circular made of chicken wire) where you dump compost and water.  The middle feeds the entire garden.  Cool, huh?   
Here's Bug and Papa working the salad!

Bug loves loves loves to draw!  He decided to draw Woody one afternoon.  Check out his really good work!
Daddy's newest toy.  He decided to get a shredder so he could get rid of the sticks and stuff - the compost bin is already growing!   
  Boys and their toys!
 One of our bible lessons was about who to pray for.  We traced our hand and then discussed who each finger stood for.  Here is Red's hand.
Here is Mommy's hand with the words we put on each finger.  You start with the thumb - family because they are closest to us.  The pointer finger is the our teachers because they point us in the right direction.  The middle finger (our tallest) is our community leaders.  The ring finger is our weakest finger and reminds us to pray for the weak and destitute.  And last is the smallest finger which reminds us to pray for ourselves. 
Here is Bug's Hand.

Random work photos...

Red working on addition.
Bug working on multiplication. 
Red working on his draw write now sentences. 
Draw Write Now - we drew a girl using the world girl.  Funny, and kinda neat! 
Bug's Girl was at the park. 
Red has been working with the moveable alphabet spelling three letter words.  He is doing so well with his reading...really taking off.  I love it! 
Bug has almost finished up the third 2nd grade reader 
in the Pathways series.  I really like this series.  He 
has been doing so well.  he reads so good and I like 
the work in these books.  It something that he is able 
to pretty much by himself and it is such a great series.  
The stories are just precious and so many life lessons
 are  incorporated into them.  

Well that's then end of my February catch-up.  Until next time...we-

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