Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

Here it is Easter Morning and I am up with the chickens.  Literally!  For those who know me, you know I am not an early bird.  But this weekend was Antique Alley, so our alarm has been beeping at 7:30 am.  Usually the kitties are meowing at the door to be let out around 5:30, but I will tell you, I crawl back into bed after I have booted them out the door!  This morning though, they let me sleep until 7am.  But then after booting them out, checking on the new roo in the coop and making sure that old Easter Bunny had indeed visited our house, well I couldn't go back to sleep.  So, I decided I would head out to the backyard, read my morning devotional, check my email, nose around Facebook and enjoy my animals.  So here I am working on my second cup of Joe and blogging.  I am sure I will begin, the kids will wake, we will hunt eggs, look in baskets and head to church and my blog post will be set aside until some time later, but I will begin anyway.

Meet "Little Red" - the newest addition to our growing zoo. 
Hubs says he's the new prison guard for the "henitentiary", I labeled him inmate 002. 
I have to tell you now that he is the cutest rooster ever!  He is so pretty - gorgeous colors!  He is very tiny though - about half the size of Eve.  When we picked him we didn't realize how tiny he would be compared to her. 

We stopped at a garage sale - a lady we visit every year at antique alley and she had some roosters out that she wanted to rehome.  She ended up with way to many for her hen house.  We saw Little Red and thought, "Oh we want him - he's similar in color to Eve."  She told us he was the runt and sometimes picked on by the other roosters, but he could stand up for himself.  Well great, he will fit in just fine.  We love the misfits!  So we went about our junkin' and came back by on our way home.  We loaded up "Little Red" in a box and away we went.  Eve was ready to get out clucking and pacing the length of the run as we entered the back yard.  We let her out and put Little Red in the coop. 
 He seemed to be right at home.  Eve stayed out in the yard with me and got to know him through the fence.  I don't think she was too excited about her new roo at first. 

 She clucked at him quite a bit and when we put her back in the coop she pecked him on the head.  She chased him around the coop a bit, but didn't hurt him.  I saw this as a plus.  She goes to bed about 7pm each night - on her roost - she doesn't come down.  I went out to check on them as the sun started to sink in the sky and there she was, in her usual spot on the top rung of the roost.  Little Red was out in the run pecking around - all was quiet.  I went out again later and he was roosting on the rung below Eve.  Ha!  Hubs thought that was hilarious.  He decided she wouldn't let him up there with her.  LOL  I hope it's just that he is so little, but he chose the spot right below her.  Poor guy - she pooped on him!  Today they seem to be getting along better.  Little Red ventures out of the coop, but he definitely knows he is safe in there and when he feels threatened (by Scamp) he runs back to it.  He has a tiny crow and is so cute when he does it.  He puffs out his chest and ruffles his neck feathers - precious!  Dad thinks he is a Rhode Island Red - he has some pretty colors.  I just love him already.  Eve and I have conversations about how great he is and how much she will like him once she gets to know him.  :)

Well as I said, kids woke and the blog was put aside, but we are back home now and I am in the yard watching my chickens and blogging again.  Hubs is staining the trim boards we got at Lowe's after church so he can finish out the bathroom.  That is a funny story...the bathroom I mean.  Last weekend Hubs was out putting up a gutter system for the garden.  I was cleaning house.  Somehow cleaning the litter box turned into ripping out the front bathroom floor and replacing the flooring.  HA!  Hubs is still wondering how that came apart.  When we bought out house (some seven plus years ago) the front bathroom had this crazy mix of wood flooring and linoleum.  What!!??!?!?!?!  I am not sure how that originally came about, but when I was ripping it all up I figured out that the wood part was leftover pieces from the hallway/living room job and some reason someone decided, well I will just cover part of the bathroom.  :\  Anyway, I have hated it since day one, it's hard to keep clean because the baseboards don't reach the floor and the linoleum was ugly anyway.  So as I was scrubbing it one of the baseboards caught on my rag and broke - I lost it.  Literally - it was a get this junk out of my bathroom moment.  I started ripping out baseboard and pulling up tile and boards and in a short 5 minutes I had the floor up.  As I look at it I am thinking, oops, hubs is going to kill me.  He's already working on one project - he's not going to want another.  So I grabbed a hammer, screwdriver and broom and went to finishing the rip out part.  Then I hauled the new flooring (this really cool roll out tile looking stuff (not linoleum) that is almost soft - I don't know what it is called.  We bought it at Lowe's several years ago to cover the floor of the food trailer.  It was on sale so I convinced Hubs to buy enough to redo both bathrooms.  Well it has sat in the garage ever since.  I love it though, it's really pretty and rolls out easily.  Hubs was so sweet to help me cut and lay it in the bathroom.  I was so glad to because fitting it around the toilet was more difficult than my mind had visualized.  But it's down and looks great.  We picked up new baseboards - real wood - not that other junk that they had put in.  So my sweet man is staining them so we can finish the job.  I am so excited.  It is going to look so pretty when we are done!  Yeah! 

It is trying to rain...but I am not sure it's gonna make it.  As we excited church there were a few drops - but the sun was shining.  When we got home, Red and I came out to throw the ball a bit while the chickens free ranged in the yard, it sprinkled a tiny bit then too.  the clouds have covered the sun, but no more rain.  I guess we shall see.  I know the garden would love some. 

Okay last one...

I went out to check on Eve and Little Red after dark...just to make sure all was well.  Eve was roosting on the top rung - as always, and Red was on the bottom!  haha!  He picked the s

Well I am going to sign off for now.  Laundry and house cleaning are calling my name.  It's gonna be another busy week, better get to it!  I hope your Easter was as blessed as mine. 

Blessed because HE LIVES,





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