Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hermie and friends

As you may have surmised by now...we are quite the zoo.  LOL  Besides the three hound dogs...we have Mama Kitty, who blessed us with five precious kittens.  We also have Legs, the African Dwarf Frog and a small army of caterpillars.  Several Tiger moth caterpillars, a monarch, plus a few others we haven't named just yet.  We have recently created a snail farm - they are pretty boring thus far...but hopefully they will get more interesting.  

Meet the newest members of our brood.  Hermie (the huge guy), Lou (top left) and Lillie (the lighter green one).  Tomato horn worms...well actually Lou and Lillie are considered tobacco horn worms because they have a red horn.  Aren't they just so cool!  Papa found them on his tomato plants and decided to find them a new home.  LOL  So to us they came.  We think they are just about as cool as anything and I can't wait to see if they complete their life cycle.  
We've had two painted lady butterflies come out of their chrysalis so far.  So pretty!  Our monarch appears to be getting close to coming out of his chrysalis.  I am so excited to see it happen!  Oh how I love nature!

Until next time...we-

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