Saturday, July 09, 2011

Over the July 4th weekend we traveled to Comanche to visit with B's family and tear down the old shed in Uncle Doug's back yard. He wants to clear out the yard so he can have a bigger space and put up a fence. So off we went for some demolition, family time and fireworks! It was hot, hot, hot, but we had fun and the boys got the shed down - which was their goal. This post covers the demolition of the shed. Boys and their love of tearing things up! Let me tell you - it was hot, tiring, sweaty, dangerous, messy, dusty and they LOVED it! LOL

The demolition has begun! Brian and Uncle Phillip up there tearing it up!

This building made of solid cedar was built back in 1907. The boys recalled painting it several times in the years they lived in this house. They also predicted that their Daddy was rolling over in his grave that they were tearing down his shed. I predict they are probably right.

This is proving to be one sturdy building...Papa J. would be very proud!

Well there is more daylight inside than this building has seen a the last century!

The roof is coming apart!

Tearing it up!

They succeed in pulling off one board with Mark's truck. LOL - not the results they were thinking they'd get...but boy destruction drama all the same. LOL

Uncle Phillip started working on the corner - trying to pry the roof rafters from the corner post to weaken the side of the shed.

The boys hooked up to the side wall thinking they would just simply pull it down. LOL - it wasn't quite that easy.

The tug of war with the side wall brought down the should have seen their faces! LOL

You should have seen their faces....priceless!

They couldn't resist one more tug - Mark got them started by hooking up the rope to the side wall.

It's DOWN!!!

Well after another tug of war with the wall, they got it down at last. It was funny how the small tree outside the wall gave it so much leverage to stay up.

Well here are the guys surveying their handiwork. Funny how men love to tear things up and then set back and look at what they tore up! LOL

At the end of a hard days work you can find Uncle Doug taking a rest in his favorite spot! hehehe! Say hello to your new facebook profile pic! LOL

Well here is the final product of all that hard work. The guys got it all torn down. There is a little tree trimming to do and a some junk to clean-up, but overall the back yard is much much bigger! :) I can't wait to see what plans Uncle Doug has in mind for his new space!

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