Sunday, August 27, 2006

babiesHey everyone! I finally got signed up. Hope all is well with you guys. We are just okay right now. You know...getting into the schedules from school, girls scouts starting back up, etc. Plus, Brandon has had problems: First they had him in freshman classes, so it took week and half to correct them, then he isn't in marching band that has been a big mess, and now he's all upset because his girlsfriend of seven months are on a "break". He thinks she is his "soul mate" I think..well nevermind.
Anyway, you know young and "in love", so he's been a bit depressed. Also, at work has been harder. One head manager was fired, one quit, and several workers have left or are leaving. Their truck order was wrong last week, so he had to close up early, and they try and schedule him each sunday and w3ednesday also to get him to work closing on school nights! They close at 2am...!!Dont' think so!
Heather is okay. She was a bit overwhelmed from getting different teachers/ classes, and last week they got lockers. Also they haven't told them what they "get" to play in Band yet, that is next week. She likes most classes, except science. That teacher is "hard" and loves homework!
For Girls Scouts, she is bridging from a junior to a studio2B/ Cadet this year!
As for me, I am organizing my Junior Girl Scout troop stuff so we can begin another year of fun activities and badges! I have some who've returned, and am getting new ones, also!
Well, gotta go for now, Love to all Invite the others to join this!

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