Monday, May 15, 2006

WELL,Natasha is at it again, Runing around busier than a dyke in a hardware store. OK, OK I know, I will be nice. Anyway I have 3 boys, two of whom are in Boy Scouts. Two of them are fixing to graduate to the next level. Brett will be in Weebelos next year where Travis is now, and Travis will be in Boy Scouts. You know how there is levels. In the meantime I am still trying to find a job. BY THE WAY, ON MYSPACE, YOU CAN POST FREE... READ FREE.. CLASSIFIED ADS. NO FOOLING AROUNFD WITH THE E BAY NONSENSE. I AM TRYING TO SELL A FEW THINGS THERE. YOU CAN ALSO LOOK FOR FREE STUFF. OR GIVE AWAY FREE STUFF. GO TO MY SPACE, LOOK ON NATASHA'S SPACE AND LAUGH A WHILE ALL THE TIME JUST SHAKING YOUR HEAD, THEN JOIN AND YOU CAN HAVE FREE SELLING SPACE. OF course I do not give out much info on there, not even a pic! However, if you look at the " Natasha's freinds" space, and look for" Linda", you will see two women trying to push over a port o pottie. The fat one in the front is me and that pic is 4 years old, I had lost weight and regained it since that pic was taken

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