Wednesday, May 17, 2006

luau theme, i think aunt dixie has some. i wish more would join the blog. that would be fun. i have ordered some hanging bamboo lights that we can use, afterward they can go in my living room. anyways
port o pottie- just something we have done in the past. now she has a different pic there. anyways, it is an adrenalin rush to do that. don't ask me why. is there ever any sense to what i do?
i have put out a request on myspace in my classified for free items wanted for craft things. no takers though i did get a reply from some les in new york wanting to chat. oh she got a comment allright. remember, i got a rejection letter today from a company in san antonio i really wanted a job at. they never return phone calls, and i wasted gas and time going down there when i was sick in april for an interview. i knew what the letter was with out opening it, but i did anyway. with my trusty black sharpie i carry in my purse i added my own rejection comment,placed it back in envelope, resealed, crossed out my name and address on front and put in outgoing mail. it will go back to them. dont ask what i wrote. use imagination. needless to say i am very ticked off about it all. the depression since the layoff has been overwhelming. pms on top of that!
till next time, take care of yourself and each other

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