Sunday, May 28, 2006

been in New Orleans-
I have been over here in the Gulf area for the past week doing some contract work and picking up a lil' extra money. was working in Metarie, a NO suburb, but we drove thru N.O. East. I got pictures and video on my cameras. Now, you folks all know how jaded I am. When something leaves even ME spechless, it is bad. I WAS SPEECHLESS while viewing all this. You linda get it in you afer a day and get to work. I have found out several things.1- THESE FOLKS WANT YOUR BUISNESS. 2- THESE FOLKS ARE GRATEFUL FOR OUTSIDERS IN TO HELP. Let me tell you, a Metarie, (N.O. SUBURB) lady, has helped to provide for Grannies party on SATURDAY!! Here is how. While on the way to the jobsite-(the jobfrom HELL) I noticed just across the Causeway a Mrdi Gras party headquarters. What caught my eye was all the ALOHA, LUAU , etc decorations they had for sale. First chance I got I made the dangerous pedestrian trek over there to look see. They closed at 5 pm. It was 5:02 PM they were closed, but the owner of the shop had no qualms about letting me in when I told her simply I was from Dallas and wanted to see what they had and why. I bought a few things. Needless to say, she WILL be getting a thank you card and whoever wenats to sign it can. The folks who owned it originaly lived in Dllas but have been in Metarie for the past 11 years. Metarie did not get flooded but got wind damage. The folks in the N.O.proper area now want us. They want our help. You know Natasha. When I say I will go help them I will. Not just because the job market is HOTHOTHOTHOT now there, but because the true HARD CORE NEW ORLEANEANS appreciate us. you know.
see ya sat.
till next time, take care of yourself, and each other

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